One of the hardest types of clothing to buy online is a swimsuit. So we have prepared some tips for you to be able to determine which swimwear style fits your body type.

The well-endowed

There are only 3 words that come to mind. Structure, structure, structure. Wardrobe malfunction is the biggest concern for women whose top half is bigger than their bottom half. These women need supportive swimwear as they go out and about on their summer holidays.


The petite

One-piece swimsuits or high-waisted bikinis make shorter and petite girls look taller and more curvaceous.

The pear-shaped

Girls with this body type can carry most swimsuit styles.

Our recommendation is to use pattern and colour to enhance your assets.


Extra tip

If you are looking for an elegant swimsuit that offers a bit more cover, check out these vintage style options from Femme de la Mer.


Femme de la mer swimwear uses a soft cup bra for structure and ultimate comfort.  It uses fabric that has reduced water hold so is quick drying. All swimwear are lined.  Femme de la Mer swimwear features various styles that are suitable for post-masectomy, chlorine-resistance or made from Ultra Fit Italian Lycra, the best material for swimwear.

Sexiness comes from confidence.  Femme de la Mer swimsuits are designed to enable every woman to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable.